"And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be."
- Revelation 22:12


On August 7, 2010 we are going to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the entire world in an instant!!!! On that day we are asking you to send 7 emails, send 7 texts, mail 7 letters, knock on 7 doors, and make 7 phone calls, proclaiming, "Jesus is Coming Soon".

In all of our communication that day, we will direct everyone to our other website, www.beholdicomequickly.com

Go the RESOURCES page for sample messages for each mode of communication.

Behold I Come Quickly is a ministry started at the Mt Rubidoux SDA Church with the sole purpose of finding creative ways of sharing our Saviour's soon return. Empowered by our pastor, Michael Kelly II, we have taken a simple idea and are now aligning actions with our faith that Jesus will come quickly if we spread His gospel to all the world as requested in Matthew 24:14.

The vessel who was inspired with this directive from God is a 4th generation Seventh-day Adventist christian. As the story goes, his Great, Great Grandmother came to know God's truths via a leaflet. The missionaries would take leaflets to the seaports and pray over them before asking ships captains to leave some at each port of call. One of those reached a remote island in the Bahamas, called Crooked Island and she was convinced that she must share that message with her family. The rest is history and an example of how far a simple message can travel when the Holy Spirit unites with human effort to win souls to Christ. It was over 10 years ago that S. Peter Campbell II was impressed that there was a solution to the problem of getting the Gospel to all the world. The worldwide web presented new opportunities and brought a disconnected world exponentially closer. There was also the theory of "Six Degrees of Separation". We are all just six persons away from everyone else in the world. Fast forward to 2009, where the phenomenon of texting and social networking start to show in a measurable way how connected we really are. The man on a camel in the Middle East has a cell phone and his equally far-removed counterparts in Asia, Africa, South America, and Russia, are all accessible in some immediate way.

We live in a special time in history where it is possible for a simple message to reach everyone in the world in a matter of seconds. Usually these viral messages are generated by a single person and passed on from friend to friend. But we trust that if a representative number of the 100's of millions of Christians who believe in Christ's soon return will unite on August 7, 2010, we could create the ultimate viral event in history! With God's assistance many souls will be convinced that Jesus is Lord, and hence will begin a relationship with Him...

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